The Last Laugh


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Original Release Date: March 23, 2017

Album Rating: 10 out of 10

Rick Da Don kills it in his fourth studio album. He showcases veteran poise and superb lyrical delivery. While the industry thinks it’s holding him back, Rick Da Don promises vengeance and that he will have the last laugh.

Track List

  1. The Last Laugh (Intro)
  2. Been Through It, Came Through It
  3. Grey Fire
  4. Oprah ft. Alicia Renee
  5. 323
  6. Equilibrium ft. Brooke
  7. 777
  8. Human Capital
  9. Light Up the Sky ft. Alicia Renee, Binks
  10. All I Can Tell You
  11. Da 3 (Hot, Cool, Vicious)
  12. The Last Laugh (Outro)

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